Picture yourself waking up and taking a walk along an ancient cobbled road. You turn the corner and find yourself looking up at a white cathedral facing a wonderful square.
The members of the Tonarelli family make this trek everyday. That road takes them to work; a key part of the world that they live in. From this daily routine, and from their love for the city of Pietrasanta, jewel of the Versilia region, the symbol of their family craft was born: the rosette of the cathedral that crosses their path everyday. That great circular window on the church’s facade indeed became, in their minds, a stylized diamond, a precious stone crafted by nature but set permanently by man.

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But the story doesn’t end there. In Pietrasanta it is said that walking into the Cathedral brings good luck, because of what’s kept inside: The “Madonna del Sole.” Tradition holds that this painting, set to canvas in the first half of the fourteenth century, protected the little city from the plague. The craftsmen hope this good fortune extends to a jewel which, having been created in this city, can pass along its prized charm, bringing good luck to those who wear it or give it as a gift.

Ocean, nature and history make this Tuscan hamlet a prize draw. The link between the beauty of its sites and the labour of its inhabitants has continued to thrive across generations, as artists and craftsmen have settled in Pietrasanta, and through their interactions have helped refine, transform and evolve the city’s traditions.Luca Tonarelli Jewelers have contributed to the history of this arts-driven city, this crossroads of sculptors from all corners of the map which, long-renowned internationally for the elaboration of marble and bronze, still teems with artistic life from studios and ateliers.

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Luca Tonarelli Jewelers have built their name through their own work, interacting with local craftsmen and maintaining a productive process made unique by collaborations with contemporary designers. They are creators of original jewelry, sometimes born in the minds of the craftsmen, other times designed in cooperation with the client.

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  At Luca Tonarelli Jewelers you can also find jewels from the most important designer labels, as well as watches and accessories from the world’s best brands, with a particular emphasis placed on finding the best of “Made In Italy.”

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A desire for new challenges and growth opportunities pushed the Tonarelli family to open this Internet store. This move will test the dynamics of a culture used to adapting to changes while still maintaining the standards of quality demanded by tradition.

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The Tonarelli family love their work. Those who visit the store realize this immediately, whether they walk through the doors of the shop in Pietrasanta or visit online. A real person will always be there to welcome them and help clear away any doubts or uncertainties. These are talented and patient shopkeepers. Through their passion, they interpret clients’ wishes and find the right jewel for each person, that special memento to celebrate every occasion.

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The Tonarelli family have decided to dedicate themselves in full to the Web site, putting their own stamp on the online space.

This is not just any store. This is their passion.

You can trust them.