Luca Tonarelli Jewelers accept several payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Postal money order
  • Postal account
  • PayPal

Purchasing from the online store offers the convenience of paying at the moment in which the merchandise is effectively shipped out. Infact, the client is guaranteed that the financial transaction takes place only after the presence of the product in stock, as well as the product’s optimal condition, are verified.

Luca Tonarelli Jewelers ships merchandise only upon successful payment, not upon


Credit card

Credit card purchases are protected via SSL 128, a system that guarantees secure communication and data integrity across the internet.
The transaction takes place on a secure server and accepts major international credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Bank Americard, Diners, American Express and JCB).


Bank transfer

To purchase via a bank trasfer:

IBAN: IT 80 I 08726 70220 000000031737

Banca Versilia Lunigiana e Garfagnana
Credito Cooperativo


Postal money order

A postal order allows clients to send money from any post office, without owning a current bank or postal account.
The postal order allows clients to effectuate payments for which a secure certification is useful. On the order, it is possible to specify, free of charge, the receiver of the payment, or to add text to communicate with the latter.
The postal order is delivered by the postal employee directly to the domicile of the beneficiary, usually within three to four days following that of emission.

Luca Tonarelli Jewelers can then verify payment and set in motion the process of sending your merchandise.

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Postal account

For purchases using a postal account: IT 94 P 07601 13700 000001165991
For eventual clarifications you can send an email to, or directly call the online sales deparment at (+39 ) 0584-70271.