The quality of Luca Tonarelli Jewelers’ products and services is guaranteed, first of all, by the experience and credibility of the shopkeepers. For three generations, the family has been active and successful. Their experience and accessibility alone guarantee trust and security.

For any potential problems, though, there is trust when you know exactly who to turn to. You can contact Luca Tonarelli Jewelers directly by telephone, mail, or with an in-store visit to Pietrasanta. Nothing could be easier or more direct.


Purchasing through this online store grants you a number of certainties: high-quality service; a secure financial transaction; transparency in the conditions of the sale; and discreet handling of your privacy.


Luca Tonarelli Jewelers offers a Cerificate of Authenticity with all of its products. For the watches, a two-year certificate is released, the same as those offered by producers.